Jewish Child’s Day (JCD) is the UK’s leading grant giving Jewish charity. We have been transforming the lives of children in need around the world for 75 years.

Children who are suffering from physical, learning or emotional difficulties; children who are abused, neglected, deprived or disadvantaged; children caught up in the ravages of terrorism and war; children caught in the poverty trap and children battling against severe illness or trauma.

Every year, over 25,000 Jewish children rely upon us to nurture them and offer them a better, brighter future.

What makes Jewish Child’s Day so special?

Jewish Child’s Day was founded in 1947 to support Jewish children across the world that had recently endured the decimation of their communities and displacement during the Second World War.

Jewish Child’s Day was established to enable the more fortunate members of our community support children who arrived in the UK, often suffering malnutrition, disability or psychological problems from their recent experiences.

Jewish Child’s Day began as one day of the year – the first Sunday of Chanukah – where funds raised were shared between organisations helping to settle children in Israel, as well as supporting Jewish refugees in the UK.

In the years that followed, the needs of deprived Jewish children grew and Jewish Child’s Day became a full year venture. Jewish Child’s Day has never lost sight of its original objective, to link the more fortunate younger members of the community with those children in need across the community – educating Jewish children in the UK on the importance of Tzedakah; giving to charity within Jewish law and tradition.

Jewish Child’s Day exists to benefit Jewish children in need, awarding grants to organisations to ensure that no child lives in poverty, need, pain or suffering – anywhere.

Jewish Child’s Day supports organisations worldwide who provide medical, educational, therapeutic and humanitarian aid, respite care, protection, poverty relief and much more, improving the lives of Jewish children in need.

We work closely with organisations around the world to understand where there are funding requirements and to ensure the grants we award support the children and young people whom need it most, in the most direct manner.

We Support and Enrich

  • Deliver meaningful & tangible help to children around the world suffering physically or emotionally through neglect, abuse, deprivation or lack of opportunity

  • Connect organisations & communities to the resources they need

  • Proactively seek out organisations who can demonstrate a strong impact in helping Jewish children in need

We Educate and Inspire

  • Encourage future generations to understand the value and importance of Tzedakah – charitable giving

  • Help to build a culture of Tzedakah in Jewish schools

  • Provide a means for families to engage together in charitable activity for the benefit of children

We Nurture and Build

  • Build strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with our grant recipients

  • Help our grant recipients bring their stories and their impact to the wider community

  • Ensure that our funds reach children in need directly

Our Values

Small acts – BIG impact – Transform lives

Every pound raised helps transform the lives of Jewish children in need worldwide

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