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Child Sponsorship

Life is all about making the most of the opportunities that come your way. Some of us are very blessed in that regard. Others are not so fortunate. The matter is even more heart breaking when children are involved.

We have two programmes designed to make a real difference.  One helps the children in Israel, where it is  a tragic reality that one in three children in Israel live below the poverty line.  Some have parents who are mentally ill or addicted to drugs or alcohol and unable to care for them.  These children are often rescued by the authorities and placed in caring children’s homes, where they are brought up in supportive family style units. This family home unit promotes self esteem and healthy development, with the needs of each child being individually met.

The other programme is based in Belarus where families are struggling to find the resources to clothe and feed themselves.  These families need humanitarian aid alongside the necessity for their children to be educated.  They are determined communities who have very little support or access to resources that you or we take for granted. Child sponsorship really improves the life of the child long term.

We feel that the transparency of our programme will touch your heart and allows you to know exactly how your money is spent.

You can now choose exactly what you donate in either Israel or Belarus…Help change the world, one child at a time.

Israel Options

£100 will provide footwear (trainers, sandals, etc) or school supplies, including text books for one child.

£150 pays for medical care which includes doctor visits and medications for one child.

£200 enables a child to attend summer camp or a full year of extra-curricular after-school activities for one child.

£300 can pay for partial tuition scholarship for one disadvantaged high school student.

£500 can pay for partial tuition scholarship including school trips for one disadvantaged high school student.

£1,000 pays for complete tuition scholarship including school trips for one disadvantaged high school student.

Belarus Options

£50 –  will provide vitamins for one child – vital when living when you are exposed to low levels of nutrition.

£100 – can pay for a child to prepare for a school year with a new backpack with stationery, warm coat and shoes for the autumn/winter.

£150 – sponsors a child to attend Sunday School for a year where they will receive lessons in Hebrew, music, Jewish traditions and festivals.

£200 – pays for a child to attend a week long residential Jewish summer camp in Belaus, which includes travel, accommodation, meals and resources.

£500 – enables a child to participate in a program that enables them to attend Sunday School throughout term times, paying for their transportation to and from the Sunday School

£800 – pays for a young adult to study Hebrew through an on-line distance learning course with an accredited College in Jerusalem. These young adults are then sufficiently skilled to teach basic Hebrew to younger children in Sunday Schools.

£1,000 – sponsors a teenager to participate in a Youth leadership training course which includes a week of training in the UK. These participants are becoming the youth leaders in their Jewish Communities in Belarus, a part of the FSU regeneration of Judaism program.

In most cases, your child will know that you are helping them and it will inspire and encourage them.

  • When you sign up, you will receive an introductory letter about your child.
  • Please feel free to send a short note introducing yourself and your family.
  • You will receive an update as to their progress.


Will I sponsor an actual child(ren)? Yes you will.  Our partners in Israel and Belarus will select a child for you.

How much is sponsorship? Sponsorship starts at £100 per year – less than 30p a day. You will help change the lives of a child in need.  If you can support more, you can sponsor multiple children and help us achieve even more.  This can be paid in one lump sum, quarterly or monthly by direct debit.

How will my sponsorship donation be used? We strive to create lasting change for your sponsored child.

Why should I sponsor with Jewish Child’s Day? Jewish Child’s Day is a grant making charity which has been helping children in need worldwide for 70 years. Today, over 19,000 Jewish children each year rely on us to save them from deprivation, disadvantage, abuse and neglect; to nurture them and offer them a better future.  Many of the projects and organisations we support rely on grant funding to continue their work and have no other way of raising vital funds.

Are my contributions tax deductible? Yes.  Please ask if you have further questions.

How long will my sponsorship last? Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. You decide how long you are able to help.

Can I give a gift of sponsorship? Yes.  You are able to share the gift of sponsorship.

You will be able to provide us with the gift recipient’s information. Your gift recipient will receive a card and welcome package introducing them to Jewish Child’s Day family of sponsors.

Who can I contact if I have any questions? You may email, or call 020 8446 8804.

More about where your money goes…

Childrens’ Homes around Israel 

Unfortunately, across Israel there are children who have been removed from their biological homes due to abuse (drug, physical, sexual), neglect, and/or abandonment find a safe haven where they receive the love and support they need to grow into productive members of Israeli society.  They live with a married couple in a “family unit” with other boys and girls.  The surrogate parents serve as positive role models for these kids, who often come from broken homes which lack warmth and love.

Sunday School, Belarus

Children come to the centre to the Sunday School that has now been initiated and they have the opportunity to learn Hebrew. There are now teachers and helpers there and the team are slowly developing Kabbalat Shabbat and involvement in festivals.

However, more often than not, children turn up to participate of their own accord, out of their own sheer curiosity or because their parents or a parent has suggested they come along. They rarely appear with a parent in tow. We are trying to address this to encourage people to come as families.


Child Sponsorship

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