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Case Study – Special Needs Twinning in Israel

Amy and Yarden

Amy studies for her Bat Mitzvah

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Yarden, she has become an important friend to me. It has been fun getting to know someone in a different country and learning how she is studying for her Bat Mitzvah as I am preparing for mine. I am really glad I chose to do this project during my Bat Mitzvah year.” Amy

Amy from London twinned her Bat Mitzvah with Yarden in Israel.

Yarden has learning difficulties and uses a communication device in order to say relevant prayers. She sent letters and emails to Amy with the help of her teacher.

Yarden using the communication device

Yarden dressed for Purim

Amy and Yarden enthusiastically swapped letters and photographs, telling each other what they were learning in their lessons and discussing what aspects they found easy and what they found hard. They sent each other photos showing how they each celebrated various Jewish festivals and discussed their similarities and differences.

Amy raised money for the programme by having a cake sale at her school. The whole school got behind the project and learned about what Amy was doing for her Bat Mitzvah.

The cake sale

Amy said, “It was great fun raising money by doing a cake sale at my school. All my friends wanted to be involved and help. I was amazed that we raised so much money. It felt really good to know this money can help a child with special needs with their learning. I would very much recommend this twinning programme for anyone who would like to have a new special friend and learn how we can help others.”

Amy enjoyed making a new friend

Amy’s Mum, Hannah said, “Amy really looked forward to receiving letters from Yarden. She seemed so impressed by how much Yarden was able to achieve with the use of different aids. I felt Amy was gaining an understanding of how privileged she was in so many ways. I would really recommend all parents to consider this programme as a great way for your child to learn the importance of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves and at the same time to build a very real friendship which we hope will be long lasting”.