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Jewish Child’s Day (JCD) is a leading grant giving charity which has been helping children in need for almost 75 years in the UK, Israel and other smaller Jewish communities worldwide.
Today, over 19,000 Jewish children each year rely on us to save them from deprivation, poverty, abuse and neglect; to nurture them and open doors for a better future.

We have made it really easy for you to make a huge impact : 

1.Make a general donation to help more children in need worldwide.

2. Share your celebration Ask your friends & family to make donations to JCD on behalf of your Simcha or you could also consider making a donation in memory of a loved one.

3. Twin your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning your big day will allow a disabled, disadvantaged or neglected child from Israel or Belarus to receive necessary resources for their special day.

4. Purchase JCD’s flipbook game ‘It’s a Good Day’ is a fun, educational and uplifting game in both English & Hebrew for you / your child(ren) or as a gift.

5. Make History – Making History Together is an informal educational programme for young people here in the UK alongside a cohort of Belarusian youth – learning about the Jews of Belarus. This is a unique programme focusing on Jewish history, identity and global activism-designed for youth that want to make a real difference.

6. Leave a gift in your will By remembering Jewish Child’s Day in your will, the underprivileged, neglected or disadvantaged children of today will have their hopes for a brighter future reignited.

7. Sponsor a child less fortunate – Make a real difference to help underprivileged families. in Israel and Belarus.

Thank you for your support!