Jewish Child’s Day connects Jewish children in need with compassionate donors who want to make a difference to their lives over a period of time.

Life is all about making the most of opportunities that come our way. Some of us are very blessed in this regard. Others are less fortunate – a fact which is even more heart-breaking when children are involved.

We want to ensure and understand what motivates you to give, and specifically what type of child sponsorship would interest you. There is not one fit for all and we will do our best to identify the right project and child for you to support. We offer a bespoke service to allow the best possible outcome for both the donor and child.

As part of our process, we would be happy to arrange an initial discussion with you to establish:

  • Age of child that you are interested in sponsoring
  • Location – historically we have tended to sponsor children in the UK and Israel
  • Needs of child – eg. educational, rehabilatitive, therapeutic, nutritional, etc.
  • Timescale – please be advised that it can sometimes take time to find the right match
  • Duration – the period of time do you have in mind to sponsor a child

How would you like to help?

If you are interested in making a difference to vulnerable and disadvantaged children and would like to discuss your options to Sponsor a Child in need, please contact the office on
020 8446 8804 or email

Small acts – BIG impact – Transform lives

Every pound raised helps transform the lives of Jewish children in need worldwide

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