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Heathlands Children’s Centre

Run by the Manchester Jewish Federation, the children’s centre offers support to children with special needs or disabilities, children at risk of neglect or abuse, or living through a crisis such as the illness of a parent. In addition, the centre provides much needed respite for the children’s families or foster carers.



The Boy’s Clubhouse

The Boy’s Clubhouse helps teenagers at risk of social or family exclusion from the Jewish community. Many of the teenagers who come to The Boy’s Clubhouse have been excluded from school or have dropped-out of education. All too often this is the beginning of a downward spiral to drug and alcohol addiction, sleeping rough, gambling and crime. The Boy’s Clubhouse provides a range of services including mentoring, activities, carreers advice, therapy and educational support to help these teenagers to move forward in their lives and stop them slipping through the cracks.

Arts Therapies for Children

ATFC works with school SENDCO’s to identify children who have emotional or behavioural difficulties. Once identified the therapist liaises with parents / guardians and teachers and then works one to one with the child for up to an academic year. ATFC (Arts Therapies for Children) send Art Therapists into Jewish Primary Schools to provide children with emotional or behavioral difficulties much needed emotional support.

Noa Girls

Noa provides a safe, caring, non-judgemental environment in which the support offered will be tailored to adolescent girls. As with all the girls they support, Noa Girls aim to empower them, help them move forward, build their self-esteem and lead a more productive, healthy and meaningful life.