Krembo Wings

Krembo Wings do fantastic work and are the only youth movement in Israel for children and young adults with special needs, providing weekly social activities for young people with all types of mental and physical disabilities and their able-bodied peers.   Merav Boaz, Resource Development Director said… the PA system is an essential piece of equipment for all of our branches and we are very grateful to Jewish Child’s Day for the generous donation that allowed us to purchase this equipment, thank you”.

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Camp Shutaf

Camp Shutaf works with children and teens with special needs and is committed to inclusion based programming that answers the social, educational and vocational needs of the community.

The programme creates new opportunities for children and teens to come together and learn important Jewish values of acceptance and understanding works with children and teens with special needs and is committed to inclusion based programming that answers the social, educational and vocational needs of the community.

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The Merchavim Neve Amiel Youth Village

Merchavim Neve Amiel strives to provide a warm, nurturing and safe home for youth at risk meeting their educational, therapeutic and day-to-day needs.

The Village has been renamed Merchavim Neve Amiel which means open spaces, emphasizing the open atmosphere of the village both physically and metaphorically.

The Village strives to instil the belief that everyone has the ability fulfil his or her potential and dreams whilst adopting the universal values of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.  Neve Amiel youth can and will become functioning and contributing members of Israeli society.

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Ohr Meir & Bracha -The Terror Victims Support Center

Ohr Meir & Bracha help meet the needs of victims of terror and their families.  Terror attacks destroy the lives not only of those who perish but also those who survive.  Many victims may not receive help because their injuries are deemed insufficient to be recognised as medical disabilities or because they are still in the process of being assessed for disability.  Ohr Meir & Bracha gives immediate assistance whenever possible.

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Keren Malki 

Keren Malki’s work is based around the idea that no place is better for a child with special needs than that child’s own home. Neurological disorders, severe illness and developmental problems in childhood present major challenges in the lives of all concerned. Keren Malki’s work  focuses on providing specialized equipment and home-based therapies. The overall goal of Keren Malki is to support families who wish to care for their special-needs child at home, rather than to institutionalise these children.

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In Beit Shemesh (approx. 85,000 inhabitants) and the surrounding area there is a diverse population encompassing new immigrants from Ethiopia and Caucasia (Kazakhstan), single parent families, and a veteran population – all these sectors have one thing in common – daily socio-economic distress.

This distress is manifest both in the difficulty of supplying basic needs such as, food, clothing and shelter, and socio-emotional needs – educational and employment gaps, lack of environmental and emotional confidence, exposure to various risk factors and the list goes on and on.

Lamitnadev’s aim is to redresses social, economic and educational inequities and to implement projects which will achieve these goals and enable the young people of these communities to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to improve their situation.

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Haifa Centre for Chi.L.D

The Haifa Center for Children with Learning Disabilities (Chi.L.D.) is a dynamic therapeutic center with a vision to provide children and their families with vital educational, social and therapeutic services. They operated an Early Childhood Rehabilitative Day Care Center (ECR Center) which addresses the needs of developmentally delayed toddlers, a nursery and two kindergartens. By treating children with learning disabilities and a myriad of other problems the aim of the Haifa Centre is to provide opportunities for success.

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