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Krembo Wings

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Krembo Wings do fantastic work and are the only youth movement in Israel for children and young adults with special needs, providing weekly social activities for young people with all types of mental and physical disabilities and their able-bodied peers.


Simcha Layeled

Simcha Layeled is dedicated to improving the quality of life for thousands of disabled and seriously ill children in hospitals and rehabilitation centres throughout Israel.

They emphasise a personal connection with each child and the development of long term relationships during their hospital stays, rehabilitation and into the future.

Neve Amiel Youth Village

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Neve Amiel provides a caring home for youth-at-risk which educates and nurtures them to become independent, contributing members of mainstream Israeli society, by providing: An individualized educational-therapeutic program; empowerment through acquisition of life skills; maximization of each child’s potential; vocational training and high school matriculation; integrated therapeutic intervention for each child and family; intensive army service preparation; a rich social involvement program that encourages volunteering in the community and giving back to others.

Association for AT Disease

The Association for AT Disease aims to save children from the devastating disease and improve their quality of life by providing them with diagnosis, various treatments, rehabilitation and support services at the Centralized Treatment Clinic for A-T in the Safra Medical Center that was established by the Association.



Ohr Meir & Bracha -The Terror Victims Support Center

Ohr Meir & Bracha help meet the needs of victims of terror and their families.  Terror attacks destroy the lives not only of those who perish but also those who survive.  Many victims may not receive help because their injuries are deemed insufficient to be recognised as medical disabilities or because they are still in the process of being assessed for disability.  Ohr Meir & Bracha gives immediate assistance whenever possible.

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The Malki Foundation

Keren Malki’s work is based around the idea that no place is better for a child with special needs than that child’s own home. Neurological disorders, severe illness and developmental problems in childhood present major challenges in the lives of all concerned. The Malki Foundation’s work focuses on providing specialized equipment and home-based therapies. The overall goal of TMF is to support families who wish to care for their special-needs child at home, rather than to institutionalise these children.

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