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Rest of the World

Manora Association (Hungary)

The Manora Association arranges for Jewish children, who are from impoverished backgrounds, to attend the Szarvas Jewish Summer Camp each year. This camp offers them a chance to engage with other Jewish children from around the world and learn about Jewish culture and heritage.



“Mazal Tov” Minsk/Gomel/Mogilev/Vitebsk (Belarus)

Mazal Tov are lovely kindergarten and community centres in Belarus. They are places where children can come to play and have fun and also learn about their Jewish heritage and culture. For many parents in this desperately poor country, these kindergartens offer a safe place for children to be when both parents need to work.  The kindergarten play areas often also double as a physiotherapy unit for children with special needs.


Jewish Community of Polotsk (Belarus)

The Jewish Community is one of the most impoverished in Belarus. The community centre is a meeting place for young children to play and explore their cultural heritage. This community has been able to establish a strong programme of Jewish activities for all ages in the community centre, the teenagers have created a program to rediscover Polotsk’s lost Jewish heritage encompassing a program of Jewish journeys and outings to significant locations. There is a thriving programme of Bar/Bat mitzvah studies, which is taught by Rabbis in the UK via Skype.


Scheiber Sandor Gymnasium and Elementary School (Hungary)

The Scheiber Sandor Jewish School is a modern Elementary School whose aim is to educate Jewish children, not only in religion, but in a Jewish way of life. At school the boys wear a Kippa, and kosher meals are provided. Children study Judaism for 2 hours a week as part of  the curriculum as well as learning Hebrew. The School celebrates each religious holiday and holds Shabbat services after school every Friday. Children learn about tzedaka and chesed and the choir regularly visits the local nursing home districts ceremonies to perform for the residents. Students visit Auschwitz and attend Holocaust memorial services. They also work to preserve and protect Hungary’s Jewish cemeteries.


Fundacion Tzedaka (Argentina)

Tzedaká Foundation was founded 1991 in the heart of the Jewish community. Its mission is to improve the living conditions of thousands of vulnerable, at-risk Argentineans. Combining the work of professionals and volunteers, it develops education and health programmes for children living in poverty. These programmes strengthen children’s educational skills in an effort to break the vicious circle of low-income employment, poverty and exclusion. Many of these children suffer malnutrition, iron deficiency and incomplete vaccination schemes. Tzedaká Foundation aims to ensure their healthy development through access to paediatrician lead treatment for general health disorders, as well as deontological, nutritional and developmental problems.