In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, please click here to read how it affects JCD.

JCD’s Response to COVID-19


Jewish Child’s Day has just provided £40,000 to projects requiring immediate assistance during these unprecedented times.

Anthea Jackson, Executive Director said “In this current climate, the needs of vulnerable children cannot be put be on hold and the requests to support them have been so overwhelming”.

“Our Board of Trustees and National Council of Jewish Child’s Day has chosen a number of worthwhile projects where they felt additional funding was a necessity!”

Bikur Cholim, a maternity hospital situated in Jerusalem has been designated a ‘Covid Free’ facility.  As such, the number of births has risen sharply in recent weeks, requiring a need for additional ventilators and monitors for new born babies requiring intensive care. Jewish Child’s Day has purchased one of these ventilators.

Akiva Holzker, Director of Public Relations at Bikur Cholim said after learning of Jewish Child’s Day’s recent grant said “Thank you so much for the wonderful news. It is heart-warming to see the solidarity and commitment of our friends around the world towards the hospital at this critical time.”

Rachashei Lev is a paediatric National support centre in Israel providing support to approx. 500 cancer-stricken children and their families every year. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the children’s morale helping them cope with the difficult challenges of this awful disease.

There has been an urgency for additional medical protection equipment for their teams, volunteers and ambulatory support staff as well as added requirements for hand sanitisers and soaps.

Orna Shalomoff, Vice President for Foreign Relations at Rachashei Lev said “Together with more good people like you we can continue to help the kids fight this!”

Aleh, is a special educational and rehabilitation village for hundreds of Israel’s most vulnerable and high-risk children, adolescents and adults with severe complex disabilities and accompanying medical conditions.  They cannot ensure their own safety and hygiene and all have compromised immune systems as well as weakened respiratory functioning.

As the pandemic intensifies, Aleh who are based in the Negev have implemented extreme sterilisation protocol.  It is absolutely imperative that they protect their staff from contamination – at all costs!   Jewish Child’s Day has been instrumental in providing this vital equipment.

In addition, Jewish Child’s Day is supporting a number of smaller projects providing food vouchers to those families living below the poverty line as well as funding a telephone hotline for blind or sight impaired children who are in desperate need for their on-going therapy at such uncertain and volatile times.

If you would like to know more about the work of Jewish Child’s Day or how to support us please contact our Fundraising Manager: or call 020 8446 8804