Miriam’s young husband died suddenly and left her alone with three little girls to care for.

She was struggling, desperate to make ends meet.  The three girls, Sara, Naomi and Rachel, would come home from school every day and make themselves chocolate spread sandwiches for lunch. There was little money for food.

A kind, concerned friend recommended that Miriam bring the girls to one of Yad Ezra V’ Shulamit’s children’s centres.

Each day, the girls arrive at the centre after school and enjoy a nutritious hot meal. The eldest girls, Sara and Naomi, get help with their homework. Sara is dyslexic but has made huge strides with the tutoring help she receives at the centre and her schoolteachers are very pleased with her current progress.

After their homework is done, the girls join their younger sister, Rachel, and read books from the centre’s library, play games and do activities, including additional art and animal therapy.

Their Mom picks them up each day in the late afternoon, grateful and pleased that her daughters have eaten a healthy meal, finished their schoolwork and are so much happier now.