We are grateful to Jewish Child’s Day for their long term support of our programmes, making these achievements possible.

Three-year-old Rachel is from a single parent household and has West syndrome. When she was eight months old, she began to have around 30 epileptic spasms daily. Over time, the spasms worsened, requiring hospitalization. Thankfully, in recent months the epilepsy has been controlled and she has not had an episode.

Rachel began receiving therapies through the Malki Foundation in May 2020, via a request from one of our Physiotherapists. Prior to starting therapy with us, Rachel could only do a partial roll and could not move independently from lying down to sitting. She also avoided putting any weight on her legs and did not attempt crawling or any other moves. After six months of therapy, she significantly developed her motor skills and started crawling, pulling herself to a standing position with support, as well as lowering herself back to a sitting position. Rachel’s mother shared with us that prior to starting therapy Rachel was motionless and hypotonic. Now, in addition to these amazing recent developmental milestones, we are all hopeful she will soon learn to walk.