During the Covid 19 lockdowns in Israel, special needs children were in desperate need of outdoor activities. The Daniel Rowing Centre in Tel-Aviv (which is supported by the FDRA) have been teaching kids sailing for years and they established 3 new sailing groups especially for children with special needs.

M is one of the programme participants. She suffers from a verbal disability and barely says a word to anyone. Her mother explained that M only speaks about what is truly important to her. After a few weeks in the programme, where she learnt how to sail with other special children, M asked her school teacher if she could speak to her class about the programme. She prepared the photos and gave a few minutes’ presentation, explaining about what she does and how important it is to her, plus how independent and capable the programme makes her feel. Like M’s mother, we couldn’t be prouder to see what an amazing impact the programme has on these special children.