Jewish Child’s Day support has an amazing and direct impact on The Shanti House children. Supporting multi methods therapeutic set-up helped them deal with their past traumas, overcome their emotional difficulties, and strengthened them in their rehabilitative process.

Each therapeutic method was tailored to the needs of the boy/girl. Each boy/girl was assigned a treatment plan with specific goals.  A combination of methods allowed a deep healing process and had a significant contribution to their rehabilitation, well-being, and their present and future relationships (due to their basic lack of trust).

Shanti House Israel serves as a temporary home and long-term support for runaway, homeless youth-at-risk aged 14-21 from all population strata and sectors, regardless of religion, race, or gender.

These homes offer not just a shelter but a warm home and comprehensive responses through therapeutic means and assisting them in adopting a normative lifestyle to choose a different path in life.

Shanti House Association is the only place that provides immediate services to homeless and runaway youth 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, without the need for a formal referral, no waiting period and no limit on the youngster’s stay. 

Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for making this work possible.