Jewish Child’s Day awarded Seeach Sod a grant in helping children with disabilities.

Miri lives in a supported living apartment for children who cannot live with their families. Her apartment director explains how the rehabilitative treadmill helps Miri:

“Miri can be very stormy and even strike out when she becomes frustrated. Miri can speak in single words and sometimes simple sentences. Teaching her to use her words rather than her hands is vital for her future.

To help Miri speak rather than striking out, we need to bring her to a point of calm. The treadmill has been an amazing tool for this. She loves going on the treadmill and once she is in motion her whole mood changes and we can work with her.

Because of her vision and balance problems, long walks outside are not a good option for Miri. The treadmill is safer for her. Our physical therapist creates a personal plan for her that we input into the treadmill for her. The same is true for each of the girls.”

The gift of a rehabilitative treadmill is helping children move forward to a better life. Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for your gift – it is really changing lives!