“Me and my family went to Sadeh farm in the summer of 2021, when I was 12 years old. After several lockdowns, and two years of being stuck in our own house, it was so amazing to be able to get out to the countryside. But, as a growing teenager, it felt awkward having so much open space. Do I run around like a 5 year old? Do I walk casually like a 20 year old? But when I arrived, Sadeh was such an open and embracing place, that it didn’t matter. Sadeh gave me enthusiasm for the outdoors. A year on, I’m barely ever at home. Always on some sort of adventure, whether it’s in a local park or a long drive away, planting something, or looking for unusual things outdoors. Sadeh taught me how helpful it was for my mental health and my physical health. If it wasn’t for Sadeh I would most likely be at home watching on screens and eating junk food. Sadeh changed my mind-set and attitude, to my life, and is an important key to empower the minds of all the other youth that come to it” – Chani, Age 13

“I loved being at Sadeh; from the moment I walked in through the large front door and was greeted by the friendly and welcoming visitors, staff and volunteers, to having bonfires late at night while singing traditional Jewish songs or going on walks with my friends where we explored the fabulous fields. Sadeh was a place where everyone could be themselves, meet new people and just do nothing, or swim in the on-site swimming pool, get shown round the amazing vegetable patches, and have Shabbat with the other families. I live somewhere where I don’t have the chance to meet other Jewish teenagers, but at Sadeh there were so many people my age I could talk to, a place where I felt I belonged.“ – Shira, Age 13

Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for the grant that you awarded us to make ‘Discovering Nature Programme’ possible.