Julie grew up with a single mother, who speaks hardly any Hebrew.
She assists her mother to communicate, even about subjects not appropriate for her age. After Julie had some violent outbursts at home and at school, the education and welfare authorities determined that her mother is currently unable to care for and raise her. It was decided to take her out of her home and transfer her to an emergency centre.
However, due to a long waiting list at the emergency centre, the court ruled that a treatment process would begin at one of the Reut after school clubs.
For the past two months, Julie has been part of the Reut Club family and her progress has been outstanding. After a follow-up court hearing, it was decided that in light of the significant process she went through in the short time she was with us, she will not be removed from her house under the condition that she continues the process of rehabilitation at our Club and attends school regularly and without violent outbursts.