The Beit Lechem Yehuda organisation was established in 2013 to aid families in need, widows, orphans, single parents, the disabled and the elderly. The charity organisation started distributing dry food products, dairy products, cleaning products, and a variety of other home products – in collaboration with companies, factories, and farms throughout the country.

A shocking case of a mother who entered our office upset with a crying baby in a stroller, with tears in her eyes she said that her child had not eaten for two days because she had run out of food, and she had no money. Her husband was injured during his work with a lifelong disability and she herself is sick and being treated with injections. Her husband has not yet received the compensation money from the accident, and she has no money for food. We immediately prepared a bottle for the crying child, who eagerly drank the bottle. After that, we gave the mother a large basket of food products and everything she needs for the house – diapers and a baby formula, food products, milk, and vegetables.
The satisfied look in the baby’s eyes after he had calmed down said it all, we were privileged to save a child from real hunger.

 Thank you, Jewish Child’s Day, for making this possible.