Matzmichim (Uplifters) is grateful to Jewish Child’s Day for supporting our educational programme for CyberBullying reduction.

Our students’ workshops give a voice to children to share their negative experiences on social media. They raise the majority’s voice and use the group’s pressure to encourage children to interfere, report, and object to cyberbullying while encouraging them to engage in online pro-social behaviors. 

The vitalness of our work can only be reflected through children’s stories: 

“Ugly,” “Fat,” “Kill yourself.” “No wonder you were raped; look at what you’re wearing.” was written on an anonymous note in response to the question: Hurtful things someone said to me online.”

“There was a group chat some kids started, and they called it: “We don’t talk about X (My name).” So, they added me to the group so I could see all the bad things they wrote about me….I didn’t tell my homeroom teacher because I was afraid it would only worsen things”. 

Following our workshops, 91% of students report they will avoid sending offensive messages, and 81% say they will write to an adult in case of cyberbullying against them or one of their peers. 

 Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for making this work possible.