“I still haven’t digested it, but my Shira is 12 years old. I imagined that her Bat Mitzvah would be another intimate milestone for her and for us, but at her school nothing goes below the radar. The school recognises and celebrates with a special Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony for these special children. This is where the collaboration with the Masorti Foundation came in, by creating a unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme for children with special needs.

They teach, prepare and accompany Shira and her classmates every week until the ‘Aliyah to the Torah’ ceremony, which will be held in the synagogue in the coming months. Thanks to Eliah, Shira’s companion/teacher in the programme, for the infinite sensitivity and inclusiveness” – Meytal Cohen, Shira’s mum.

Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for making this work possible.