At Ma’agalei Shema, we provide a variety of services and activities for deaf and hard of hearing children, youth, and young adults: including social activities and clubs, preparing for national service and being there through university and vocational training. We help them to find their way into the world of employment.

Over the years we have been grateful for the contribution of
Jewish Child’s Day, who have enabled us to go the extra mile by providing funding for accessible social-nature trips and sporting events for our children and youth. This year, they have made it possible for children from low income families living in peripheral areas to attend our club. These children were previously deprived of the opportunity for after school social and educational activities so important to their development. There was no money for the transport and the children stayed at home. Their reaction when they heard that they could re-join was both heart-warming and heart-breaking. They laughed and cried and expressed their joy at being able to attend the club again. “The club is like a home to us” said Yossi  “At Shema they believe in me and they help me believe in myself”

Thank you, Jewish Child’s Day, for making this work possible.