The Lifta High School in Jerusalem is a unique educational framework for youth at risk who have dropped out of all educational frameworks. It is a scholastically – oriented school with an emphasis on the arts. The school has acquired an impressive reputation for successfully rehabilitating youth at risk while emphasising educational goals and personal development.

Through out the years JCD has helped ‘The Friends of Lifta’ organisation support Lifta High School, thus, to ensure the success of its youth studying at the school. Many of these teens were unable to realise their potential in their former schools and have found a home to overcome their past and flourish in the Lifta School environment. The support varies from basic learning requirements through developing and maintaining art programmes and enhancing emotional and social care to the students in the school.

“When I came to Lifta I couldn’t talk. Not in class and not during break. Today I am participating in the school play. Finding friends is still difficult but I know I can do it.”

“Thank you Jewish Child’s Day! – We very much appreciate your aid all along the years!” – Leeatt segal – School Principal