“Thank you Jewish Child’s Day! By donating 13,405 NIS to support an animal care project, you have enabled us as an association that cares for children with special needs to continue to run this important project. Your donation helped fund the chance for the children to take care of the animals, purchase related visual aids for care in addition to funding certified caregivers in animal therapy. Without your support we would not have been able to activate and give children the tools to promote and enrich their world through this project.”

The Lev Menachem Institutions of Keren Ezra LaZulat were established by Yisrael and Ayala Gobner in memory of their beloved son Pinchas Menachem z”l. Tragically, their son drowned in an unfenced area which had turned swampy due to river overflow in the area. 

On the first anniversary of Menachem’s death, in 2004, his parents opened an aftercare program to shower special needs children with warmth and love. The program serves 100 children with Down’s Syndrome, mental retardation, autism, PDD, ADHD, C.P., spina bifida and other disabilities.