“KEF KIDS is indebted to Jewish Childs Day and many other charities for their generous support over the years, which has enabled us to continue providing this essential service. Jewish Childs Day’s most recent contribution covered the cost of additional hoists in our KEF Centre, making all areas accessible to disabled service users.

When Esther was born over 5 years ago, her parents didn’t even know if she would survive infancy. Today, Esther lives at home with her parents and siblings, but has multiple care needs. This August, for the first time since she was born, her parents were able to send her to KEF KIDS Summer residential confident that she would receive the same quality of care that she receives at home. They were also able to receive the first, desperately needed respite in over 5 years- time at home without having to worry about feeding tubes, pumps, seizures, meds, etc!    

We are so thankful to each of you for making this wonderful break a reality for us! –  Esther’s family

Kef Kids