Dasha Masinkov is an intelligent, sociable and sensitive 15 year old girl from Karmiel. She has been participating in The House of Wheel’s activities for 7 years, having been born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Thanks to the support of JCD in the House of Wheels’ accessible tennis club, Dasha has been able to participate in classes for 3 years. The tennis club offers the opportunity for dozens of children from the northern social and geographical periphery to take part and be successful in a sports club. For the first time Dasha truly began to believe in herself discovering, that she is capable of succeeding in sports like any other person. She steps on the field, does not let the disability stop her and breaks record after record. Dasha says, “Our wheelchair is part of who we are, just as much as victory is part of who we are”, and she proves this time and time again.