“We would like to thank Jewish Child’s Day for your very generous and on-going support of  Krembo Wings . Your support of dynamic activity kits for our branches has made a significant difference in the quality of the activities we are able to provide to our youth – with and without disabilities.”

“My daughter Leah came to Krembo Wings just a few weeks ago. She is very shy, and it took her a while to open up to her counsellors, Hagar and Noya. One day, after Leah came home from Krembo Wings, she was more excited than she had been throughout the weeks before. They must have found out that Leah loves balls, and Hagar had brought one. Later Hagar and Noya told me it was the first time that Leah completely participated in the activity and that they had bonded through the play and through Leah’s passion” – Leah’s mum.