“We would like to thank Jewish Child’s Day very much for your donation for the student lounge. As you can see, now the students have a pleasant and beautiful lounge” Eli Shtayn, CEO.

S became an orphaned when her father passed away in a tragic circumstances when she was only 5 years old.
She has two brothers from two different fathers. Both her parents were addicted to drugs, her mother has recovered however, she suffers from various health problems. S was transferred to a foster family from the age of 5 to 9. When she arrived at Hodayot Village – a youth village that is a home for children from low socioeconomic families, she finally felt a sense of security.
The village provides an intensive framework of study including matriculation exams, complementary learning framework, social life, love, care and a sense of belonging. Providing them with values that will accompany them throughout their lives.
Today, S. plans to serve next year in national service.