Thanks to a generous grant from JCD in 2021, we have been able to launch Techreate – a creative computer course enabling our beneficiaries to access increased leisure and employment opportunities. 

When Miriam* left school, she joined Get Set Girls to access education, employment support and extracurricular opportunities in a culturally appropriate environment.  She had limited employment aspirations and didn’t really know which avenues she was capable of pursuing.  She joined Techreate and discovered that she was artistic and creative with a knack for computers.  Coming from a large, low-income family, Miriam’s mother says “Miriam had always enjoyed drawing, but there had never been money for art lessons.  I’m so happy that she can develop her talent constructively.”  Towards the project end, Miriam had a one-to-one session with an Employment Support Mentor who helped her create a plan of action whereby she would try various avenues of accessing employment, including searching local advertisers for job opportunities and proactively contacting businesses that might require graphic designers.  The Mentor also helped her create an effective application plan including work samples and  helped her come up with a plan B, including further training she could access in a culturally appropriate environment, in case she does not secure employment immediately after leaving GSG.  Halfway through the project Miriam said, “‘I always loved drawing, and now I can use technology to develop my hobby. I’m also excited to pursue a job where I get to use my talents and do something I love.”

Another participant said, “‘I really enjoyed this programme. It gave me modern-day skills which will help me practically with future training and employment, but the main benefit is that I feel I have what I need to make it in today’s world, and that gives me confidence.”

We are immensely grateful to Jewish Child’s Day for funding this project, in addition to funding our Midweek Residential in 2018.  You’re ongoing support plays a big part in our impact for close to 2000 girls in over 20 years.