Tomer, a toddler forgotten accidentally in his family’s car on a hot Israeli summer day, was found unconscious with his vital organs compromised. Brought to the PICU at Emek Medical Center, he spent several weeks in our care on a ventilator for critical respiratory support. Our medical team provided full-care, while his family never left his side, praying for some response from their son.

“Playing music familiar to ventilated and sedated children reduces pain, lessens time under sedation and lowers amounts of pain relief medication”, says Dr. Goor Zamir, Head of the PICU. The addition of music in the child’s treatment plan enhances the hospital experience for the young patient and their family.  Tomer listened to music and stories as part of his personalised playlist made by his family. Jewish Child’s Day grants made the purchase of the IPad and specialized headset possible.

Happily, Tomer was able to leave the hospital in good health and breathing completely on his own.

We thank Jewish Child’s Day for bringing Tomer’s smile back to his family.