With the grants you awarded us, the Yerucham Association purchase equipment to be used in special education classes.

We purchased the equipment, using your donation, at the following elementary schools: Kanfei Abirim in Yavne, HaGoren in Hadera, HaShahaf in Givat Olga (Hadera), and Kol Yaakov in Yerucham.

The special ed classroom in the schools was upgraded with a variety of special games that encourage the pupils to think, learn and interact socially. Included among the equipment we purchased for Special Ed are wooden tactile numbers and Hebrew alphabet letters that add an important tactile dimension to the learning, strengthening the pupils’ motor abilities and improving their writing.  Additionally, for each pupil a personal binder was purchased which holds their weekly texts for their reading hour.

Equipment was also purchased to be used in art classes for the special needs kids. As hours for art class at the Kanfei Abirim school have not been provided by the Ministry of Education, this equipment fills a void in an area that is important to encourage sensory stimulation in sensory-deprived children.

Thirdly, with your donation we bought equipment that act as an outlet for overly stimulated kids such as Wiggle seats, a stationary bicycle, noise-reducing earphones, chair pads, etc. This equipment allows these kids to expend energy, before returning to their learning better able to concentrate on schoolwork. The equipment is designated for use by individuals, in pairs and in a group.

Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for your donation to help a population that suffers from under-budgeting. The impact was amazing!