Rivka, 4 years old, was born as a healthy child.
At the age of two, she collapsed and was hospitalised in severe condition for a very long time. After one year – exactly on the same date – Rivka had another stroke which affected her vision seriously. Since then, Rivka suffers from serious vision impairment. The numerous stays in hospital and endless examinations had a very strong impact on her emotional and social development – she became very inhibited and did not communicate verbally with anybody – except for her parents. She developed as a very shy and introverted child – with no social interaction.

Jewish Child’s Day’s very generous grant allows us to support Rivka and ELIYA’s programme: Emotional Therapy through Play Therapy.

Playing allows Rivka to express and act out her frustration and anxieties regarding her on-going medical procedures. Rivka’s parents were extremely touched when they observed Rivka and realised the impact the Play Therapy had on their daughter: her self-esteem and confidence was strengthened, she developed friendships with other children in her group and seemed empowered and happy.

This case study and many similar cases demonstrate to what extent Emotional Support through Play Therapy is instrumental in helping children with Blindness and Visual Impairment to overcome their anxieties and to improve their emotional well-being and quality of life.

ELIYA’s children thank Jewish Child’s Day for their empathy and very meaningful support!!