Over 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents and grow up with limited access to information about Judaism, even in Israel. They lack access to positive role models, contact with Jewish deaf peers and exposure to accessible Jewish activities, family and community celebrations and have no way to bridge the gaps.

Chushim Ben Dan is dedicated to changing this and to enabling deaf and hard of hearing Jews to develop a real, authentic sense of Jewish identity and community. Our Executive Director is one of a handful of Deaf rabbis in the world and sets a personal example of Jewish Deaf leadership.

Jewish Child’s Day has generously supported participation in our Empowerment and Jewish Identity Programme for Jewish Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Thanks to Jewish Child’s Day, Jewish children who are deaf and hard of hearing children can, for the first time, benefit from active and direct participation in monthly activities, including trips and holiday celebrations, “Shabbatonim” (weekend retreats) and much more. Activities are organised and led by deaf individuals, strengthening Jewish and Israeli identity via positive role models and also providing a rare opportunity to develop interpersonal and social skills and improve self-confidence.

Thank you Jewish Child’s Day!