“Amelie was born deaf. We took our little girl home and to me she looked even smaller and more fragile. I wanted to hold her all day and keep her safe. I spent days on the internet and hours on the phone to doctors. Beit Micha opened their doors to her at 4 months old, offering her an hour with a speech therapist once a week – they taught me what to do at home with her and how to make her pay attention to sound. After searching on Google and an endless battle of emails to doctors, my little girl had her surgery at a young age of 8 months! (For the first time in Israel). At 9 months, Amelie’s Cochlear Implants were activated and her eyes lit up when she heard our voices. At 12 months she was talking! Our little girl knew all the sounds animals made and started to make friends with other babies at the park! At 18 months she said her first sentence and now (two years later) she is constantly dancing and singing!
All this would not be possible without the support and dedication on the staff at Beit Micha and the guidance they gave us to continue their work at home.”

Jewish Child’s Day are proud to support Beit Micha in Israel helping more children like Amelie every year.