We are so grateful for Jewish Child’s Day’s generous support, which enables children to receive life-changing therapies in the Snoezelen multisensory environment. Snoezelen is a magical world enabling children with disabilities to achieve a sensory balance. The lights are captivating, the sounds are soothing and the environment stimulates curiosity. The physical environment is suited to the child’s needs, offering the right amount of color, sound, touch, stimulation, etc. Children feel calmer, more in control, more able to focus, and because of this they are able to get the most out of their therapies and learn new therapeutic, social, and rehabilitative skills.

Two year old Leo has Hemiplegic cerebral palsy (CP), which involves paralysis on one side of the body stemming from brain injury. He also has some vision impairment. Leo would cry a lot in his classroom, he was anxious and agitated.
At first in the Snoezelen environment, he was flooded.
He moved erratically between games, had difficulty staying with one element and struggled to interact with the therapist. The therapist began to work with Leo and was able to help him focus. After each session, he would return to his classroom a more happy, calm and regulated child. Whenever Leo sees the therapist, he immediately asks her to take him to Snoezelen.
It has become his favourite place: even at such a young age, he is deeply aware of its positive effects on him.

Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for making this work possible.