“Without the support of JCD, Arts Therapies for Children (ATFC) would not be able to reach the number of children that we do each year, meaning that vulnerable children would go without the support they need. In response to a huge increase in demand for our services due to Covid-19, JCD increased their grant to ATFC to ensure that the demand could be met. Thanks to JCD, ATFC was able to provide 8 vulnerable children with 30 sessions each over the academic year. We are extremely grateful.”

“I would like to thank you very much for working so hard to establish your charity ATFC, which does amazing work. My son has been receiving art therapy since the beginning of this school year and he absolutely loves it. He goes in with a lot of enthusiasm. It boosted his self- confidence. The offer for art therapy came in at exactly the right time. I am very grateful and happy our son was chosen to benefit from this amazing and important project.” – PARENT of ATFC Child