ALEH – Advancement and Rehabilitation of Children with Complex Disabilities.

Jewish Child’s Day has been supporting Aleh since 1989 who have five centers across Israel.

Hayale a sweet three-year-old girl has a rare genetic syndrome.

Thanks to the support of Jewish Child’s Day, Hayale uses a Dondolino walker on a daily basis. At Hayale’s age, this is the only walker that can help her.
This walker gives her support and provides solutions to her posture problems.
It also allows her to communicate with the environment from a different perspective, and make eye contact with her surroundings from a different angle, which is not possible when sitting in her wheelchair. The walker improves body image balance and mood, range of motion, and tissue length.

We are proud to have provided a seating support system, Dondolino walkeran ,an hydrotherapy washing bed and walking aids.

During Covid-19, we also supplied emergency funding towards PPE and sanitisation supplies.

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your long-standing support for the children of Aleh”.