11 year-old Hannah has a challenging home life. Having moved to the United Kingdom from Eastern Europe at 10 years of age, Hannah found herself uprooted, without understanding of her new environment. Hannah’s mother struggled to provide her with emotional support and regulation, and this, together with general disadvantage and trauma led Hannah to feel dysregulated and unable to cope in school and with peers. Social services provided Hannah with emotional support, but she was referred to us to help her adjust socially and emotionally to being around peers. Hannah joined our talent development project and slowly built up a consistent, trusting relationship with her key volunteer, Diane. Hannah found outlet in dancing, and gained confidence as she saw her capabilities, encouraged by Diane and her peers. Hannah gradually gained social skills, relationships, became calmer at school, and began to settle into her new environment, due to the facilitative space we were able to provide. 

We are very grateful for the regular support of Jewish Child’s Day, enabling us to help disadvantaged children and young people to access the extra-curricular clubs, projects and holidays which transform their lives. With the help of Jewish Child’s Day, the varied activities we provide boost the self-esteem, confidence, skillsets and motivation of young people living with disadvantage, increasing their resilience. Jewish Child’s Day is making a consistently positive impact on Highlights and our beneficiaries.