ADI – Israel’s most comprehensive provider of residential care and rehabilitation for individuals with severe complex disabilities.

Jewish Child’s Day is a loyal supporter of ADI centers in Israel, caring for children and adults with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Oriya is an adorable girl living at ADI Jerusalem for over 10 years during which she has grown and developed more than anyone could have imagined. Oriya is responsive to everything around her, and she expresses herself by using a switch to operate an alternative communication device. Although Oriya is totally dependent, she uses a wheelchair to get around. This fun-loving girl especially enjoys water activities, as splashing around in the pool enables her freedom of movement not accessible to her during regular activity. We therefore greatly appreciate the hydrotherapy washing bed that was donated by Jewish Child’s Day, which enables Oriya to enjoy her hydrotherapy sessions to the fullest.

“In the name of all the children of ADI we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuous support.”