Yoav, is a student at the Galim School in Hadera – a school for students with mild to moderate needs. He regularly goes out once a week to volunteer with his classmates as part of the Leoro Nelech project at the Hesed Center of Hadera. Yoav is regularly placed in the food packaging department for the needy.

When Yoav first came to the Hesed Center, he was very apprehensive. Comments such as “real merchandise, what fun” (the genuine excitement of feeling actual giving) were typical for him to say.

His fear was justified; he did not have basic life skills. The difficulties were manifested from counting the exact number of vegetables (usually 3-4) that would fit into each bag in a family’s box to tying the bag in a necessary way that would allow the bag to be placed in a container.

Over time, Yoav learned to count and test himself independently and tie the bags well, and over time, his dream to work as a merchandise organiser in a marketing chain came true.

Thanks to Leoro Nelech, he acquired basic life skills, and today Yoav works and earns a decent living as a merchandise organiser in a supermarket chain in the area. It is Yoav’s success that reassures us to keep going.

Jewish Child’s Day are proud to support Leoro Nelech organisation helping more children like Yoav.