“It was always clear to me that I would not matriculate in mathematics”, says R. to anybody who’s prepared to listen. That is why at first R refused to even meet with her maths tutor. “What’s the point?” She thought, “Why waste everybody’s time?” However, R. soon began to hear about the tuition program and the outstanding maths teacher and was encouraged to try her luck.

R was received with open arms by her maths teacher and together they worked very hard: Contrary to her experience at school, she was encouraged to ask questions and think. Her questions were received with patience, the fundamentals of every equation was explained and slowly but surely she was led to tackle the problem by herself. R.’s grades rapidly improved. On her preliminary matriculation exam she scored 98%. “It all still seems like a dream to me: It is a very rewarding experience. Now I know that where there is a will there is also a way.”

R, is an high school student in her last year of studies, participating in the Achuzat Sara Educational Support Programme.

Thank you Jewish Child’s Day for your grant. The Achuzat Sara Educational Support Programme, which you have so kindly assisted us to operate, has had a substantial impact on high school childrens’ grades as well as  their self-esteem.