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Rosh Hashanah Appeal

Let’s end the nightmare and let our children dream of a brighter future.

When Orit was just five years old, her father was tragically killed in a car accident.
Overnight Orit’s dreams turned into nightmares. The trauma of becoming an orphan impacted every aspect of her life. However, through the support of specialised projects funded by Jewish Child’s Day, Orit is learning to dream once more, of a brighter future.

Children like Orit who experienced a sudden onset of trauma that darkens her day-to-day life. Whether the nightmares these children experience are due to a life-changing tragedy, anxiety caused by the constant threat of rocket attacks or mental health struggles, Jewish Child’s Day is here to attend to these invisible emergencies.

Through specialist interventions including teaching, therapy sessions, emotional and practical support and more, Jewish Child’s Day, together with its partner organisations, is working tirelessly every day to ensure that every Jewish child in need can make their dreams of a brighter future come true.

Our success is dependent on your ongoing commitment and support.
Please be as generous as you can this Rosh Hashanah and click here to make a Jewish Child’s Day.

Wishing you and your family a happy and sweet New Year & Shana Tova!
From the Jewish Child’s Day team