Latest Appeal

Before Eli’s school in southern Israel started providing hot meals through a project supported by Jewish Child’s Day, he would eat nothing for lunch. High unemployment rates across Israel’s periphery mean many of the parents in Eli’s town struggle to find the money to provide enough food for their growing children. To go the entire day without eating, made it near on impossible for this small boy to concentrate on his studies, perform to his potential in sports or even socialise well with his friends.

The difference that a well-balanced, nutritious meal can make to a child is huge. It can give them focus and the ability to apply themselves to their studies. Ultimately, these children will be able to aspire to a brighter future. Jewish Child’s Day is continuing to work with its partners to eradicate childhood hunger in Israel and the UK. This Pesach, please give generously. Your support will make a Jewish child’s day.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Pesach.