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Latest Appeal

Poverty, neglect and abuse – on our doorsteps. Ruth has been through more in her seven years than most would in a lifetime. She was born into a broken home and this rapidly became no home at all, with no food and no clothes either. To compound the situation, her mother’s mental health issues have left her unemployed. This has further impacted on Ruth’s own behavioural issues and insecurities too.

Jack, 8, was removed from his home at the point when nothing other than pills and powder were to be seen on the dining table. A childhood of neglect has caused Jack to suffer from anxiety, depression and uncontrollable angry outbursts. Jewish Child’s Day is working with a number of support organisations up and down the country to ensure that these children, our children, will have a childhood worth remembering. Not one they try to forget.

To the children suffering right on our doorsteps, your donation will make a Jewish child’s day.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.  Wishing you and your family a Happy and Peaceful Pesach and let this current storm pass so quickly for you and your loved ones.  Stay safe and healthy.