Latest Appeal

After  his  parents’  divorce,  four  year  old  Daniel  together  with  his  young mother  and  two  older  brothers  aged  five  and  six,  found  themselves  in a  desperate  financial  situation  and  struggling  to  cope.  Daniel simply could not smile.

Daniel  was  born  with  a  rare  genetic  disorder  that  stopped  him  from growing  teeth.  The  condition  made  it  difficult  for  him  to  eat,  resulting  in a  severe  nutritional  deficiency,  and  others  could  not  understand  him  when  he spoke,  making  basic  communication  challenging  and  socialising  with  other  children his  age  virtually  impossible.  Obviously, smiling was out of the question.

When  the  government  cut  the  family’s  funding  entirely,  Daniel’s mother  approached  the  Jewish  community  in  Kherson,  Ukraine  for  help.  The  community  welcomed  them  and  connected  the  family  with  a  local  programme  supported  by  Jewish  Child’s  Day.

Taking a holistic approach, the local project coordinator arranged psychological and  emotional  treatment  for  all  family  members,  while  simultaneously  raising  money  for  an  appropriately-sized  set  of  dentures  for  Daniel.

Jewish  Child’s  Day  ensured  the  funds  needed  were  secured  in  record  time.  With  his  right  new  smile,  Daniel’s  self-confidence  soared,  and  he  began  seeking out friends his own age.  His new teeth also allowed him to eat without pain or embarrassment, and he began gaining weight immediately.  It wasn’t long before Daniel was given a clean bill of health.

 With  your  help,  Jewish  Child’s  Day  is  continuing  to  support  Jewish children  in  the  Former  Soviet  Union  as  well  as  in  Israel  and  the  UK,  affording  them  the  chance  to  enjoy  the  childhood  that  they  all  deserve.  Please give generously.  Your donation will make a Jewish Child’s Day.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Chanukah.