Expand your B2C – Become a ‘Business to charity’ hero.

Whilst Corporate Social Responsibility is now part and parcel of the way most companies operate, the pressure to find the right cause/mission to support can understandably be challenging.

In a world of so many acronyms, abbreviations and “buzz words”, Jewish Child’s Day (JCD) is delighted to introduce a new concept for the term B2C, namely “Business to Charity”.

By donating to Jewish Child’s Day and becoming a corporate partner you will not only be boosting morale and impacting the lives of so many Jewish children in need, but also, become part of the greater community of supporting worthwhile causes which is so vital in this ever changing world.

We are giving your business the perfect opportunity to align and integrate your organisation’s interests, values and needs to create a significant and positive impact inside and outside of your organisation.

  1. Wide scope of options to support:
    With a range of circa 130+ projects & causes, your opportunities are endless whether you choose to support an organisation here in the UK, Israel or the rest of the world
  2. High exposure to a new audience:
    Jewish Child’s Day has an extensive network of industry donors and supporters across many demographics who may be interested in learning more about your business
  3. Transparency:
    Our approach to our projects and private donors is very personal and yet practical and clear – we want organisations to have an open dialogue with us and be truly informed as to how their donation will be utilised

No matter your business size or your commitment level, CHAMPIONING JCD and becoming one of our Charity Heroes will make a HUGE impact.


Becoming a Charity Hero can offer a number of benefits and opportunities for your business (and us) which could include:

  • Sponsoring a key event or one of our quarterly appeals
  • Sponsoring a specific project or programme
  • Sponsoring our newsletters
  • Sponsoring a direct mail campaign
  • Advertising in our event brochures
  • Giving corporate donations
  • Volunteering with your staff at projects we support
  • Benefiting from tax relief claims
  • Choosing Jewish Child’s Day as your ‘Charity of The Year’


Thank you so much JCD’s “BUSINESS TO CHARITY” HEROES for choosing Jewish Child’s Day as your corporate giving during 2021/2022:

To find out more about how you could become a JCD Charity Hero and benefit from our exciting Corporate Partner opportunities, please contact: Russell Brody, JCD Head of Income Generation on 020 8446 8804 or email fundraising@jcd.uk.com

Small acts – BIG impact – Transform lives

Every pound raised helps transform the lives of Jewish children in need worldwide

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