Chanukah 2021

Living with autism and learning disabilities doesn’t just affect the individual with the diagnosis, but everyone around them too.

Similarly, caring for an autistic child doesn’t just depend on one person, but an entire family made up of relatives, therapists and specialists.

When Alex’s already challenging behaviour took a turn for the worse, his mother was in desperate need of some support. Alex’s difficulty adjusting to changes in his routine led to numerous meltdowns and feelings of isolation. During this time, he would physically harm himself and those around him.

This was happening every day.

Introducing Alex to unique projects funded by Jewish Child’s Day changed his and his family’s lives. With access to specialist toys and library equipment, designed to provide comfort and focus for children with sensory processing challenges, he quickly became more at peace with himself. Freed from his previous sensory and emotional overload, Alex entered a world of calm and inclusion. Not just Alex, but his entire family too.

This Chanukah, we need your help to ensure that more children like Alex can have access to these life-changing tools.

Your support will make a Jewish child’s day. Thank you.

Chanukah 2021