Making History Together is a global, ground breaking programme for passionate young people  working towards their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

This is an opportunity for the next generation to become ‘History Makers’ by bringing to life an important piece of our Jewish history, that so few people know about.

“I think the participants are enjoying finding out information that not many of their peers outside the programme know. I wish I knew some of this when I was 12-13 years old because that’s when you start developing critical thinking skills. Having our History Makers discover the Belarus story at their age is so important. Hopefully it will help them develop into open-minded leaders” – Leo Levine, Project Coordinator & co-creator.

Jewish Child’s Day along with our charity partner The Together Plan and our Media partner the Jewish Chronicle, have developed a unique six-month global programme that explores character development through a journey of hidden history to discover the story of the Jews of Belarus. The virtual programme is an
interactive, informal-educational experience that is both fun and engaging. 

This is an opportunity for 25 children preparing for Bar/Bat Mitzvah to become history makers and help to put Jewish Belarus back on the world map!

The programme is split into three main sections
  1. Six thoughtfully crafted sessions – Identity , Antisemitism ,Self -power, Generation to Generation and Tikun Olan (repairing the world).

  2. The packs – Participants will unlock monthly fun, interactive and relatable packs with exciting items and with extremely rare hidden history including never before seen archive records from 1942 Belarus, bringing it to life and giving a voice to the lost youth (victims) of the Holocaust. 

  3.  The exhibition – Participants will be given the opportunity to assist in the creation of a groundbreaking international exhibition sponsored by the British Embassy in Minsk.

The Making History Together Programme is a journey of self-development for young learners. A safe introduction to the Holocaust as the participants go on a journey to discover hidden history!!

Past participants and their parents loved this programme and here are some of their testimonials : 

“I found the programme interesting and an eye opening journey into the hidden history of how life was for the people of Belarus during the times of WW2 – Josh, programme participant 

“I have found the programme an interesting and eye opening journey into the hidden history of how life was for the people of Belarus during the times of WW2. I’m studying WW2 at school at the moment and it’s great  to learn more about the side of history in Belarus we almost never see and I look forward to the rest of the programme” Joshua, programme participant

“Now that I have done the Making History Together programme – I am more aware about how truth can be hidden and controlled and how important that can be. I am more aware of the roles people can play when there is suffering.  At school I’ve been re-evaluating how people are acting, allowing myself to be more aware of places where people are unkind to one and other. And I am feeling more power now, in knowing what behaviour doesn’t feel acceptable to me, wherever I see it. This programme is about creating the kind of future we want to make together.” – Ori, programme participant 

“I thought the sessions were brilliant and fascinating. They were led so well, with just the right tone” – Parent

“I really think this course is wonderful! Jake is absolutely loving it, he’s learning so much. The session on antisemitism really engaged  him.” Parent


This is a collaborative project in partnership with the Together Plan with Jewish Chronicle as our media partner.

The Together Plan
The Jewish Chronicle

The Making History Together exhibition can, and we hope will, be viewed and appreciated by people of all ages.
The programme and exhibition consist of six themes/ Panels: Generation to Generation, Identity, Power & Leadership, Antisemitism, Tikkun Olam and Memory & Self.

There are 4 double sided panels in the exhibition and six topics and it is
 easily transportable and travels: 

  • Intro panel (1m width x 2.4m height)
  • ⓵ Generation to Generation and ⓶ Identity – (4m width x 2.4m height)
  • ⓷ Power & Leadership and ⓸ Antisemitism – (4m height x 2.4m height)
  • ⓹ Tikkun Olam and ⓺ Memory & Self – (4m width x 2.4m height)

Each panel is made of a stretch fabric sock which is placed on an easy to assemble metal frame. Each panel comes in a travel bag.Estimated weight of 1m x 2.4m intro panel including travel bag 7.8kg
Estimated weight of each 2.4m x 4m exhibition panel including travel bag 15.4kg.

To find out more about the exhibition, the hire costs and information on suggested layouts and workshops, please submit an interest form.

To find out more about Making History Together programme, please email Leo Levine at

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