A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one of the most important celebrations in a Jewish Child’s life. Why not make a big impact, and mark your special day by joining our wonderful Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning Programme which will help a Jewish child who is less fortunate.

We run a Twinning with a Twist programme in which you can choose to twin your special day with a child from a very different background.  Whether it be a special needs child, a child at risk from Israel or a child from a small community in Belarus– the choice will be entirely yours.

Check JCD’s twinning testimonials

“I have raised nearly £800 for my twin! In February I was fortunate to visit Israel with my Mum on a pre Bat Mitzvah programme. While we were there we had arranged to visit the Jerusalem Hill Children’s Home – a charity I planned to raise money for as part of my Bat Mitzvah. The Home is for children who are at risk because they come from broken homes and some need therapy. Some of their parents are in jail. It made me realise how lucky I am. I have raised money for one of the girls to have a Bat Mitzvah. I started by braiding hair for my friends and they made a donation to the charity but due to Covid-19 that had to stop. Instead I have been sponsored to make 200 cupcakes which we have taken to the NHS and our local foodbank.”Amy Kaye

Twinning - Amy

“I was really pleased that through JCD I could support Yakir, a boy from Netanya, Israel, who would not have been able to have a Barmitzvah otherwise. Last July, I completed a charity climb of Snowdon and raising over £800 – it was really fun to join a group of other kids and climb a mountain. When we reached the peak of the mountain I felt a real sense of achievement. I am really pleased that I was able to help Yakir and give something back in my Barmitzvah year”Sam Feldman

“I was given the opportunity to take part in the Jewish Child’s day programme in the build up to my Barmitzvah in September 2019 and was connected to a boy in Netanya called Ilan.  I really enjoyed emailing him on a weekly basis. I gave Ilan a percentage of my Barmitzvah money and was so happy to be able to help him in this way.  After my Barmitzvah weekend I met up with Ilan in Israel and we had such a great time together.  We are still in touch today.  The Jewish Child’s Day Barmitzvah programme really helped me to appreciate all that I have and I feel so grateful to have been able to help Ilan in the way that I did.  It was an added bonus that I have gained a friend! I would recommend this programme to anyone who wanted to take part “Sami Phillips 

“The fundraiser for my twin helped him in ways other than allowing him to have a Bar Mitzvah. It helped pay for simple necessities such as a bed. I chose the Jewish Child’s Day twinning programme as I felt it would allow me to make a real difference. I visited my twin in Israel and we bonded straight away.  Three years on and I still have regular updates of how well Ariel is doing.  My twinning experience was a uniquely satisfying experience“Gabriel

“I knew that for my Bar Mitzvah I wanted to donate some of my gift money to charity and Jewish Child’s Day has given me an opportunity to do so. I have been twinned with a boy from Netanya called Itay and we now chat by e-mail, so not only have I been able to help someone less fortunate than myself I have also gained a friend.  It is a great way to donate as you know the person that the money is going to and it makes you feel good about yourself “Jake Peterman


“Dear Jewish Child’s Day,

I felt so blessed to have my bar mitzvah with Yonatan.

As soon as I read his profile I knew that I wanted to help this young man to achieve the bar mitzah that he had been working towards.

I know that I was able to make a bar mitzvah happen for somebody else less fortunate than me and it feels good to know that it is a mitzah to help someone else.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity”Charlie Cole

Charlie Cole
  1. It is a programme with a valuable commitment – Your commitment to help less fortunate younger members of the Jewish community worldwide shows the importance of Tzedakah and that is something to be proud off!
  2. It is not another educational programme – you do not have to sit in a class or do any more Jewish education in a zoom meeting – we promise!
  3. It allows you to have new friends around the world – Think how wonderful it would be to meet your twin in Israel for example – wouldn’t that be amazing?
  4. Your impact is immediate – Your twin that is celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah year now, with you, will be able to have their celebration that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to have.
  5. You are the decision maker –You are the one that will choose if you are twinning with a boy or a girl, from Israel or Belarus and how to give – the funding could come from your own Bar/Bat Mitzvah money, or you could take part in an exciting fundraising activity of your choice. It is up to you!  

There is a minimum donation of £360. This can be raised by fundraising or it can be met through a family donation.

The Netanya Foundation looks after children at risk or who have special needs. The Netanya Foundation initiates, develops and supports programmes to benefit the residents of Netanya, Israel.

The Netanya Foundation

Orr Shalom rescues and cares for abused & neglected children who were removed from their homes by the social welfare services. They provide safe, loving homes and material and educational support to enable the children to overcome their pasts and develop into independent young adults.

Jerusalem Hills provides both a warm home and therapeutic framework for children with severe emotional, behavioural and learning disorders who must be removed from their homes.

Jerusalem Hills

Belarus – The life of a Jewish child in Belarus is a million miles away from the life your 12/13-year-old child enjoys here in the UK.  Throughout his/her twinning experience your child will learn so much about the life of a Jewish child in Belarus who is less fortunate than themselves.

The Together Plan

To find out more about our Twinning programme, please contact:
Sarah Maurice on 020 8446 8804 or email sarah.maurice@jcd.uk.com

Small acts – BIG impact – Improve lives

Every pound raised helps improve the lives of Jewish children in need worldwide

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