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About us



Jewish Child’s Day (JCD) is a leading grant giving charity which has been helping children in need worldwide for almost 75 years. Today, over 19,000 Jewish children each year rely on us to save them from deprivation, disadvantage, abuse and neglect; to nurture them and offer them a better future.

Many of the projects and organisations  we support rely on  grant funding to continue their work and have no other way of raising vital funds. Jewish Child’s Day grants are awarded on the basis of strict criteria and may only be used to provide equipment or services that are of direct benefit to children under the age of 18 years. Grants may be used to provide wheelchairs and walking aids, educational and developmental equipment, therapy, support and rehabilitation programmes, hearing stimulus and communication equipment, respite holidays and outings, incubators, respirators, after school facilities, hot meals, home teaching for housebound children and much, much more.

Jewish Child’s Day is a pluralist organisation and does not provide any religious services or education. Grant funding delivered by Jewish Child’s Day may benefit both Jewish and non-Jewish children in the UK, Israel and worldwide, through projects where the majority of beneficiaries are Jewish.

See the relevant section of our website for more information about projects we support and our grant funding criteria.