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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets us up for what lies ahead and gives us the fuel we need to face the day head on. Whether or not we practice what we preach, we all make sure that our children don’t leave the house without something in their tummies.

Unfortunately, this is not the situation for so many children worldwide. Let us make no mistake. Jewish children are not immune to poverty and hunger either. Our partners in breakfast clubs and food distribution projects have literally hundreds of real-life examples describing the impact of hunger on a child’s behaviour. Conversely, the impact of nutritious meals on these very same children can be utterly transformational.

Take Danny for example. A dream student until year three, he suddenly began to display the unusual traits of being the best, most hardworking boy in the afternoon, whilst misbehaving and displaying rudeness all morning. His inconsistencies raised concerns amongst staff and upon further investigation his teachers discovered that Danny’s father had been made redundant and the family were struggling financially. Simply put, Danny was unable to concentrate on an empty stomach. After a wholesome lunch at school he was a different child.

Danny was invited to a breakfast club supported by Jewish Child’s Day and hasn’t looked back since.

My plea to you as you sit down at your seder table this Pesach, is to spare a thought for Danny and the many other starving Jewish children. Such simple solutions to difficult problems exist, but only with the support of our dedicated donors. Your ongoing commitment to Jewish Child’s Day enables our continued support of hundreds of Jewish children in need – whether in Israel, Eastern Europe or, as in Danny’s case, right here in the UK.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Pesach,