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Who hears the abused child’s scream?

The signs of abuse are not always obvious.  Even in the depths of their despair, it is not uncommon for a child to stay silent, not able or not wanting tell anyone what is going on. Children are often scared that their abuser will find out and worried that the abuse will then get worse, or that they have no one to tell and no one who will believe them.  Sometimes, children don’t even realise that what’s happening is actually abuse.  But when a child like Lia is screaming inside, it take extra-special professionals to help them through. When traditional counselling isn’t the solution, we have found that specialised play therapy, art therapy and music therapy can be incredible tools in supporting a child’s recovery.  For Lia’s case, the music she created instilled a sense of achievement and confidence that she had never experienced before.  It boosted her key skills in communication, listening and technology.  These gains helped Lia increase her capacity for learning and for coping with the trauma that she had previously been subjected to.

Now in its 70th year, Jewish Child’s Day is proud to support a number of centres in Israel and the UK that offer these opportunities to young people that can make such a huge difference to their quality of life.  Since 1947, we have improved the lives of over half a million children, a figure that we are immensely proud of – but we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Pesach.